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0.01 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0007 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 10%


0.04 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0032 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 15%



0.1 BTC

Earning rate:

0.009 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 20%



0.5 BTC

Earning rate:

0.05 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 30%



0.99 BTC

Earning rate:

0.1188 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Recent Payouts

19 seconds ago 0.0080217 BTC 3PW7N8PowFzPLuDnvN28vmgtipyoJXXX Business 05130e53d50fa305125b...
19 seconds ago 0.0615682 BTC 322nTqdV34WXAG9MYv5Pts3ssCMSSXXX Standard 8e7967a88338e79e9d10...
22 seconds ago 0.01677 BTC 14HDVC3HgiKuatXUiutPL8CQizTzLXXX Standard 75c827963b29b4add20e...
25 seconds ago 0.00838973 BTC 1JhcMmKLL384jjP5tU8HeWYtdv8SQXXX Standard e5f850aa65710fc12f49...
6 minutes ago 0.01846162 BTC 36ux5DrvqLG3FdjmD1s66h12YKHaEXXX Premium 27d8eac73938cdabb9f6...
6 minutes ago 0.01711522 BTC 12wGkxGfU7exA2zqQBfSUDcib7opuXXX Premium 3cef262220b07d4baba3...
6 minutes ago 0.01038362 BTC 1NtQyqF66StNQJR1w49Q3Rn4oVndXXX Premium 0539441ffcb0e65fcb7a...
6 minutes ago 0.7 BTC 1AeW3ZWuw6X9E8beUKSAromAbejEaXXX Premium 5c524564acd90c52b934...
7 minutes ago 0.013416 BTC 1C7QFnDhSYX3VvYDgm1Ri6LT69aquXXX Business 7088cff8687dcea94eb1...
7 minutes ago 0.07 BTC 1P7re9Laq6nBjnjnnzjbJnvdp8SQZXXX Premium dcd659e53ca99982aeb6...
7 minutes ago 0.25294806 BTC 1AkvVRHKGxcRhKKcSYupXKbU7H33iXXX Business 3cc0e3007a9bd7dc610f...
8 minutes ago 0.0097234 BTC 3AkLn6zc6RKjBngjmcXo6Gpm87B2RXXX Standard f350608d74b0da7961cf...
8 minutes ago 0.00755427 BTC 18BZbQUFicPpZVVuNi2HrnwbdHByuXXX Standard 9e4c92fa503d18f4a0e2...
8 minutes ago 0.00742137 BTC 3Qm9341qdHSnLj8ZkfevtEtqMWr3UXXX Premium 59d5f6ee0c3cbf28a7da...
8 minutes ago 0.0215 BTC 35eueBPNUqc6B8mmmiRhd3LE3Gh3QXXX Standard 9185c8f5af986d3a471a...
9 minutes ago 0.03364505 BTC 19fuC2TAp8asj2TB6BDQdgLz7UZSvXXX Business 18ebd1406d17c8a48fc6...
9 minutes ago 0.11661751 BTC 153robTqc7igAQr5rc5Cwbbv5k6FUXXX Premium 55b94afe0d4ece75690b...
9 minutes ago 0.026627 BTC 1FZ4uGoLRaMEvXQYjTa1eP9kx3RpWXXX Premium 61682df7b89c88154a3c...
10 minutes ago 0.01311873 BTC 1NtQyqF66StNQJR1w49Q3Rn4oVndXXX Premium 65a45535cd51f009cad7...
10 minutes ago 0.00702925 BTC 3MPVCCV7yuDaT3GvYgMFZmvXYkSeaXXX Standard 5354fb8d0dfba237db11...
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26 minutes ago 0.01604168 BTC 3AGzTdAH1Q6heo2ctTTrdQnBpjfkuXXX Premium 4663a9298a351a3416e4...
26 minutes ago 0.007851 BTC 1LrQjp317zSrF93DviydFUF2NxnNMXXX Standard 8a6373549dced78ddb66...
27 minutes ago 0.00999233 BTC 3EbkTJca4gcsyTurQiuLTsTxZ7f9oXXX Standard 23614720a1ed0733e9bf...
28 minutes ago 0.00616571 BTC 37d1GrA9V8ezAwEQXZX1rCsVZtKAhXXX Premium 5b0092cba56d80f88bab...
28 minutes ago 0.07998842 BTC 34fpJPQTpgqWzboKTvjMgmXvmzuSxXXX Premium fa3f57547aba1842ab24...
28 minutes ago 0.00855428 BTC 3EZofVnRZXBW3mSQ42zhmUKn632MjXXX Business bd282ce7fd0ebcce39c3...
29 minutes ago 0.19612614 BTC 14qc2b3dGfnvNAo7eNPJhtkB9p5bWXXX Premium 45996133f441d3f68310...
29 minutes ago 0.05 BTC 3PkDCXy3rgEtYCKUPhaPXzMkYhQpuXXX Standard ee4a40ca288f731fb45a...
29 minutes ago 0.02125392 BTC 18n1Lmc3qDNf93iUz3TF9JycHtCBcXXX Premium 556bf3f6384dad6d7c73...

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Frequently asked questions

You have some questions? Look up here! is a profitable bitcoin mining industry located in Yunnan, China and it is industry leading Bitcoin mining pool. Mining with the latest algorithms help us to generate bitcoin as much as possible. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without doing anything. Just sit back and relax.

You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like or

Sign up using your wallet address and set a 4 digit pin. Congratulations, you are now generating bitcoin.

You can generate 0.0001 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Coinminer account to generate up to 0.1188 BTC per day.

You will earn 10% to 40% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your Coinminer plan.

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly. We may verify your identity time to time.

Coinminer currently does not support upgrading from internal Coinminer wallet yet. Upgrade can be done with external wallets only.

You can contact us via contacts page or live support if operators are available or send email here- [email protected]